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Some of my all time favorites because well… Look at him


I’m kinda bored so if you message me funny/embarrassing story’s or just anything about you then plsss

(I know no ones going to but imma try bc you should:))

Anonymous asked:

Okay just wondering how bands like Blink 182, Fall Out Boy and All Time Low are boy bands?!? Yes they are all boys (well not Blink cause there in their forties) but don't ever try to state that their boy bands. Nsync and the Backstreet Boys and One Direction are boy bands. Not hating on you just it kinda offends me that my 3 fave bands are being called boy bands. :)

No I understand/agree there’s a HUGE difference there.. I really only made tht the caption because I thought it was funny and well ‘boys in a band’ just didn’t flow the same hahah just a caption but I am sorry I didn’t mean it as an offense :)

All that you four are, is all that I’ll ever need :)

Todays my homecoming☺️ so in honor of that, heres the boys it their suit and ties ▪️ also my hair ▫️